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Scenario Module

Stay in touch with your customers through different channels with scenarios created according to user actions.

Account Management

Let our experienced team take over the account management of your brand, you measure the success.

Practical Use

With fast integration, ready-made templates and modular product structure, everything you need is at hand.

Site Traffic Management

To your site visitors at the right time, by providing the right content increase conversions.


All the Features Looking For Together

Email Marketing

Send fully segmented, targeted and personalized e-newsletters based on your customers' interests. Take advantage of our speed and high performance in your bulk email campaigns.

Push Notification

You can reach many customers through the website, which is a digital showcase of products and services.

Smart Popup

You can manage your site traffic and increase your conversions by performing your popup setups in a few minutes and with rich action options.

SMS Marketing

Send scenario SMS or operational SMS integrated with our other modules to your authorized SMS data. Get SMS service without the need for another platform!

Recommendation Engine

Increase their sales potential by suggesting the most accurate products on the pages of your website according to both previous and instant movements of your visitors.

Smart Banner

Motivate your potential customers to complete their purchase with call-to-action banners.

Local SEO

Increase the value of your business in Google search metrics and see and respond to incoming visitor comments through an additional panel, adding value to your business!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is now much easier with our infrastructure support packages and integrated tools that we maintain with our business partners.


Contact us for modern and remarkable designs supported by all platforms suitable for your brand/business structure.

E-Bulletin Coding

Get to know our improved newsletter coding service, which is approved by all e-mail platforms.


Discover our products and services tailored to the lifecycle of your industry




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