Scenario Module

Stay in touch with your customers through different channels with scenarios created according to user actions.

Account Management

Let our experienced team take over the account management of your brand, you measure the success.

Practical Use

With fast integration, ready-made templates and modular product structure, everything you need is at hand.

Site Traffic Management

To your site visitors at the right time, by providing the right content increase conversions.


Customer Acquisition


Loyal customer


Income Increase


Customer Loss Prevention

Customer Lifecycle

You can reach your subscribers through different channels throughout the day, from sending important events of the day to instant delivery of news and showing surveys every morning. 


  • A pop-up is shown to the individual visiting the news site and consent is obtained in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. They are asked to subscribe to a news category such as trending news, economy, sports.
  • Users are automatically grouped in the Setrow database by news category.
  • Based upon the segmentation, news of the day is sent at the end of the day and important news from the selected category is delivered instantly by push notification.
  • Advertising banners are selected and shown in e-mails according to reactions to the daily news. User reactions determine the content to be shown to users.
  • Sponsored content is shown to individuals who actually follow and read the news, and the content is used in the most efficient way.
  • Banner areas and breaking news are displayed on the website. Personalized content can also be shown for advertising purposes.
  • Based upon the interactions of users while browsing through the page (mouse movements, time spent on the site, number of scrolls, number of pages visited, etc.), pop-up contents are shown that could get their attention.
  • By tracking the click movements of the user in the Sports section, the page is personalized in a way to prioritize news from the team that he reads about the most.
  • By sending targeted surveys to segmented users, the database is expanded and target audiences are created for advertising activities.




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