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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is now much easier with our infrastructure support packages and integrated tools that we maintain with our business partners.


Contact us for modern and remarkable designs supported by all platforms suitable for your brand/business structure.

E-Bulletin Coding

Get to know our improved newsletter coding service, which is approved by all e-mail platforms.

Personalized Content

You can request notification permission when your visitors enter your website and invite them again by sending a message via their web browser when they leave your site. You can plan your next notifications based on their reactions to the previous ones. Based on their interactions on your website and reactions to your messages throughout their journey, you can ensure that they receive personalized, dynamic and automatic notifications.

Know Who You're Pushing

In Setrow, a CRM-based customer data platform, all digital marketing communication tools are managed under one roof. In this way, by matching your members who gave their consent with tokens, you get to know who you are sending push notifications to and make reports accordingly.

Capture Your Customers Now

You can send push notifications based on the actions of your subscribers, determined by pre-configured rules. While you can show the last viewed product to users leaving your page with Trigger push, you can remind them of the product they forgot in their cart using the Conversion push function.

The Fastest Communication Tool

Send instant notifications to users who gave their consent through push notifications, one of the most popular communication tools of today. Find the right content and titles by doing A/B tests with these notifications. Streamline traffic to your site by sending notifications over time.


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