Scenario Module

Stay in touch with your customers through different channels with scenarios created according to user actions.

Account Management

Let our experienced team take over the account management of your brand, you measure the success.

Practical Use

With fast integration, ready-made templates and modular product structure, everything you need is at hand.

Site Traffic Management

To your site visitors at the right time, by providing the right content increase conversions.


Customer Acquisition


Loyal customer


Income Increase


Customer Loss Prevention

Customer Lifecycle

  • A process evaluation survey is sent through SMS to shoppers from the brand’s store. 
  • A coupon code for online shopping is given to those who complete the survey. 
  • If they do not make a purchase within 3 days, they will be reminded of the coupon by sending recommendations of products they can combine with from the online store. 
  • Users subscribing on the online store who purchased their first product 30 days ago are offered product recommendations by email in order to identify their interests. 
  • Those who click on the product links in the e-mail but do not make a purchase within 3 hours are offered products in accordance with their interests through e-mail. 
  • If no shopping takes place within 1 day and the respective user gave permission to receive notifications, a web push notification is sent as a reminder. 
  • If a customer visits your website but buys nothing for a certain period of time,  emails, push notifications and text messages are sent as a reminder of the products that were added to the cart or merely viewed but not added to the cart.
  • For each RFM segment (automatically grouped based on shopping frequency, purchased amounts, number of items purchased), customized and different content is offered.  
  • When the user visits the website, the coupon code is brought to their attention through a banner or pop-up. 

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