Scenario Module

Stay in touch with your customers through different channels with scenarios created according to user actions.

Account Management

Let our experienced team take over the account management of your brand, you measure the success.

Practical Use

With fast integration, ready-made templates and modular product structure, everything you need is at hand.

Site Traffic Management

To your site visitors at the right time, by providing the right content increase conversions.


Customer Acquisition


Loyal customer


Income Increase


Customer Loss Prevention

Customer Lifecycle


After Setrow integration, we get the following information:

The data are processed to create the following scenarios.


  • “Thank You” after booking (With / Without Survey),
  • “Welcome” after Check-in, 
  • “Are you satisfied?” survey 1-2 days after Check-in
  • “Thank You” immediately after Checkout (With / Without Survey),
  • “We Miss You” to people who have not stayed at the hotel for a certain period of time,
  • Special scenarios for people whose accommodation spending above a certain amount, 
  • Special scenarios for people who have stayed more or less than a certain number of days
  • Special scenarios for people who have gone for certain room types,
  • Special scenarios for people who came to the hotel through certain tour companies,
  • Special scenarios for people who come from certain countries, 
  • Special scenarios for people who prefer specific types of accommodation,
  • Special scenarios for people who have stayed during certain periods.

Push Notification 

  • Customers arriving at the airport can have location details of the hotel sent to their mobile phone, if authorization has been given to receive notifications. If they have an internet connection, a welcoming “Welcome to Antalya airport” message can be sent.
  • A “Welcome to our hotel” message can be sent to guests arriving at the hotel.
  • Guest coming to the restaurant can get messages about the day’s recommended meal; those who go to the lounge bar can get notified about the coffee of the day, while guests spending time at the pool can get notifications about the discounted drink of the day at the pool bar.

Smart Pop-Up  

  • You can place membership pop-ups on the pages to attract new subscribers. 
  • Customer interest can be measured via pop-up surveys. 
  • Smart product recommendation pop-ups can be shown based on the pages people visit and the number of scrolls.  
  • A survey can be conducted to learn about people’s accommodation experiences, their interest in the brand, and their views on products and services. The objective is to achieve not only customer loyalty but also customer satisfaction and turnover increase.

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