Local SEO

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Local SEO

Listing Tool

Immediately after logging into to the system, you can enter and manage information about your business via a single panel. The information you enter is delivered by the system to more than 50 different channels. 

The Listing Tool ensures that your information remains accurate and consistent across all directories. This ensures that your business gets higher search results in search engines and Maps.

You don’t wait to improve your online visibility. After signing up for the Listing Tool, you start to reap the benefits in about two weeks. 

You can easily track and measure your performance in search results and how your customers reach you.

Local SEO

Review Management (Customer Satisfaction Management)

Consumers read user reviews before shopping and make their decisions accordingly. For Google, the replies of businesses to these reviews are as important as user comments. That’s why replying to reviews about your business or your products/services is one of the most important factors in terms of improving your visibility in search results.

Satisfaction Management collects reviews about your business from dozens of different platforms and allows you to access all of them via a single panel. You can reply to and follow up on reviews through this panel.

You can review your performance in customer satisfaction and compare it against that of your competitors. 

You can request reviews from your customers to increase your search visibility with up-to-date reviews. You can also get feedback on products and services by sending surveys to your customers.

Local SEO

Web Optimizer

A true expert who can solve all your SEO and optimization problems and cater to your needs. With Web Optimizer, you can improve your site’s performance and facilitate transformation and increase revenue by increasing traffic to your site. 

This very smart tool will scan your website and update your sitemap so that it is automatically indexed in the search engine. Working like a member of your team, Web Optimizer not only warns you of technical issues such as downtime and security, but also helps you keep tabs on your competitors.

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