Protection of Personal Data

Personal data refers to all kinds of information about a real person with known or identifiable identity. Data such as a person’s name, surname, date and place of birth, information about physical, family, economical and other characteristics, phone number, motor vehicle plate number, social security number and passport number are all personal data. Protection of personal data is among the most important priorities of Setrow. Within this scope, Setrow takes administrative and technical measures for the protection of personal data pursuant to the relevant legislation.

Setrow is committed to keeping personal information private and confidential, and taking all the precautions necessary to exercise due care and assuming this as a confidentiality obligation. Setrow ensures and maintains privacy, and prevents disclosure of all or any part of confidential information to the public or third parties, as well as unauthorized use.

In line with Article 20 of the Constitution and Article 4 of KVK Law, Setrow prudently carries out personal data processing activities for accurate, current, clear and legal purposes in accordance with the law and integrity principles when processing data that are considered personal. Setrow stores the personal data for as long as it is stipulated in the law, or required by the personal data processing purpose. At the end of storage period or upon request, Setrow will destroy the relevant personal data as part of the cases specified by the law.

Despite the information security measures taken by Setrow, if confidential information is damaged or captured by third persons as a result of attacks made against the Site and system, Setrow will hold no responsibility.