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Sms Marketıng

Effective and Efficient Delivery

You can announce your campaigns on a mass basis with text messages, one of the most effective communication tools. Using Setrow’s tools for detailed segmentation of customers, you can create your target audiences and send automatic text messages based on their interests. In this way, you can win customers using less of budget and reduce your SMS cancellation rates. You can easily measure your campaign performance with message reports.

Sms Marketıng

Operator Selection

Setrow collaborates with the leading SMS companies in Turkey. Therefore, you can get service from the most successful SMS service provider at the most affordable price.

Sms Marketıng

Personalized SMS

While announcing your campaigns with mass messages, you can create different content with personalized messages. You can send a special discount code to customers by SMS when a different color of a product they bought before is in stock.

Sms Marketıng

The Right Message at the Right Time

While customizing the content, you can also customize the timing of the messages. You can send a message to nudge users when a product they have added to their favorites is about to run out. You can send a link for online ordering of flowers with a reminder message to your customer on birthdays of their beloved ones.

Sms Marketıng

Multi-Channel Communication

You can send personalized automatic SMS messages to your customers based on their online and offline actions across all channels. You can send SMS messages based on their responses to e-mails and push notifications.

Sms Marketıng

Send Transactional Messages at High Speed

You can send transactional messages such as order notification, invoice, verification code, membership details through Setrow. Using our advanced infrastructure, you can send notifications through SMS at high speed, without waiting and without limits, and you can access detailed reports.

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