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We, the Setrow family, aim to satisfy our team members and make them smile at all times with our value in people slogan. At Setrow, we both work and spend good time by sharing and helping each other, researching and growing together, surrounded by technology. Simply send us your application if you want to be a part of this wonderful family...
Customer Oriented

We develop products and services that will enable our customers to achieve their goals. We have the flexibility to tailor both account management and product features to customers' needs. We ensure the continuity of quality by constantly improving our products and services.

Team Players

We enjoy working together and believe in the power of teamwork. We share our experiences, learn from each other and develop together in a collaborative working environment.

Problem Solver

We adopt a design-oriented approach to provide effective solutions to our customers. First, we listen to our customers, understand their needs and problems, and then develop solutions.

Keen to learn

Our main motivation is to learn more and develop our skills effectively. We research, analyze case scenarios, examine proven methods and test assumptions.


Setrow Constellation

Software Development
Customer Services and Post-Sales Special Services
Software Support and Training
Human Resources
Accounting & Finance
Which office

You can work from the office in your chosen location on certain days of the week.

Motivation Camp

We both work and have fun together with one-week motivation camps throughout the year.

Birthday leave

You won’t work on your birthday; happy birthday 🙂

Happy Friday

On the last Friday of every month, we leave work an hour early and have a snack and chat to relieve the tiredness of the month.

In addition, social responsibility projects, hello summer picnic, New Year’s Eve party, etc.
We take pleasant breaks from the pace of work with various activities.

Young Talents

All-year-round internship opportunity

We offer opportunities for young talents with compulsory or voluntary internship options all-year-long.

Food and transportation allowance for our interns.

We provide food and transportation allowance to our candidates undergoing a school internship.

Career opportunity following internship

We conduct internship periods quite efficiently, and then offer our candidates an opportunity to become a part of our team.

Part-time working opportunity

We offer part-time working opportunity to our candidates that are still studying and can work with us for a minimum of 3 days a week.

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