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We, the Setrow family, aim to satisfy our team members and make them smile at all times with our value in people slogan. At Setrow, we both work and spend good time by sharing and helping each other, researching and growing together, surrounded by technology. Simply send us your application if you want to be a part of this wonderful family...

Our Human Resources Mission

At Setrow, we believe that we can achieve our targets with the efforts of our employees. Therefore, it is our Human Resources mission to offer a working environment which increases the performance of our employees, allows for their improvement, and offers constructive and open communication possibilities.

Our Values

Being the best at all times

Being practical and proactive

Customer satisfaction

Open to learning and improvement

Being fair

Being result-oriented

Being flexible



Our Offices

  • Istanbul Anatolian Side / Kozyatağı
  • Istanbul European Side / Davutpaşa
  • Poland /

Our Teams

Software Development

Software Support and Training

Customer Services and Post-Sales Special Services


Design and E-Newsletter Coding


Human Resources

Accounting & Finance

Our Privileges

Which office

You will have the opportunity to work at both offices; you can choose the closest location to you for that day and work there by informing your executives.

Part-time working hours for banking holidays in the calendar are applied full-time in our company.

We let you use your annual leave in a minus balance format if a need arises before you accrue annual leave.

You are entitled to take a 3 day administrative leave in addition to annual leave.

You won’t work on your birthday; happy birthday :)

We hold out-of-office meetings with our teams once every two months.

You can take one day off when you move house.

We celebrate the Fifth Year of each employee in our company with special gifts.

Young Talents

All-year-round internship opportunity

We offer opportunities for young talents with compulsory or voluntary internship options all-year-long.

Career opportunity following internship

We conduct internship periods quite efficiently, and then offer our candidates an opportunity to become a part of our team.

Food and transportation allowance for our interns.

We provide food and transportation allowance to our candidates undergoing a school internship.

Part-time working opportunity

We offer part-time working opportunity to our candidates that are still studying and can work with us for a minimum of 3 days a week.

Social Life

Social Responsibility Projects
We send aid to schools, students or animal shelters in need each month regularly. We are trying to contribute regardless of the amount.

We both work and have fun in the one-week motivation camps organized with our staff during the year.

We have breakfast together with the team each month.

On the last Friday of each month, we finish the day one hour earlier to both have some snacks and have fun.

We do one of the selected activities together each month; we go to the cinema or theater, or go bowling.

We go on a picnic each spring to welcome summer, eat and drink together, and play games.

We welcome the new year all together each year.


Our aim in career management is to increase the experience, knowledge and skills of our employees in the role they undertake, assess them accurately and guide accordingly.

There is an upper position defined for the roles in each department as part of career planning. Based on the open positions and success of our employee, they are promoted to an upper position when considered suitable.

The employee’s manager, Human Resources and General Manager make an assessment together for the promotion decision.


In line with company targets, we carry out recruitment procedures to recruit the most suitable candidates according to our staff needs and position qualifications. Firstly, the role description of staff is clarified in order to find the correct candidate. Upon discussing the required qualifications with that position’s manager, the selection procedure is started by Human Resources. Human Resources make an announcement using application tools. From among the applications for the position, candidates that are most suitable for the qualifications of that position are invited for interview. Job interviews are conducted in two stages, and an interviewer from Human Resources is present at each interview. For job-related assessments, interviews are made under the supervision of the manager of relevant department or a person selected by such manager. Lastly, candidate(s) considered suitable in the second interview are invited for an interview with the General Manager, if required. The role is offered to the candidate who is selected as a result of the assessments. In critical positions, candidates are subjected to some assessment tools (presentation, test, etc.) for the assessment of competencies necessary for the role. Application tools used by the Human Resources to find suitable candidates are listed below:

  • Applications made in person.
  • Internet-based selection and placement sites.
  • Intragroup transfers.
  • Employee reference system.
  • Setrow HR system

  • Regardless of where the applications are received from, the main criterion is the positive assessment by Human Resources. Based on the decision of Human Resources, suitable candidates are invited for interview.

    During the orientation period, we aim to make new employees feel like a member of the Setrow family starting from the very first day, and reduce the time required for adaption to their own roles, colleagues and all the written and unwritten rules.

    Our orientation program consists of following steps:

  • Explaining employee’s role within Setrow by providing information about our company as well as its organizational structure and departments.
  • Presenting the organizational structure, culture, products and services of company by means of a video/presentation.
  • Introducing the employee to managers, colleagues and other departments.
  • Assigning an employee from the new employee’s department as the Orientation Guide or receive support from the manager of relevant department about this issue.
  • Providing information about other regulations and practices using the Human Resources systems of company.
  • Our wage and benefits system is built on a job assessment system focusing on competencies, education and work experiences of the individuals.
  • For the wages paid to our employees, both in-company balances, and market conditions, i.e. outer balances, are taken into consideration.
  • Wages are reviewed based on performance at the end-of-the-year assessments.
  • In the operation model of some teams, a premium system is used in addition to the base price.
  • A performance management system is used to strengthen the performance-oriented work approach in line with the vision, mission, values and targets of our company, and track the improvement of our employees.

    Our performance management system targets:

  • Guiding employees accurately and providing feedback.
  • Preparing an environment in which they can improve themselves and take on more responsibility.
  • Providing the support they need to carry out their job better.
  • Ensuring an open and constructive relationship between the manager and team.
  • Encouraging employees to act with respect and compassion during communication.
  • Achieving our company targets.

  • Open positions

    Make a good start for your career.